Collision Center About Us

Certified, Experienced, Local

At Collision Center, your vehicle is in expert care. We've established a reputation as the region's leading auto body repair facility for a number of reasons, beginning with our I-CAR GOLD professionals. We continually work to provide timely, quality auto repair met with unsurpassed standards in customer service. Our technicians adhere to every vehicle mandated process to restore your vehicle to its original factory condition.

A commitment to integrity and the highest caliber of service sets Collision Center apart from the rest. With the equipment, technology, experience, and training of a world-class facility backing all of our work, you will be provided with the best collision repair available. Plus, our customers enjoy free estimates, a lifetime warranty on workmanship, assistance with insurance claims and rental arrangements, and prompt service that takes the stress out of repairs.

Please take a few moments to review the services and features available to each of our valued customers.

I-CAR Gold Certification

The I-CAR Gold Professional designation is the highest training level recognized in the collision industry. And would you want anything less for your vehicle? I-CAR Gold professionals possess the knowledge and understanding to effectively communicate and work with one another when repairing your vehicle. They know when parts can be repaired, or when it is necessary to have them replaced. This level of expertise helps to eliminate surprises when the repair bill comes, and results in less hassle for you.

Collision Center Warranty

Collision Center takes great care to ensure that every repair meets our standards for quality. The labor performed by Collision Center is guaranteed against any defect in workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle. Collision Center guarantees that for as long as you own your vehicle, Collision Center will, at our expense, correct or repair all defects which are attributed to defective or faulty workmanship in the repairs stated on the repair invoice, unless caused by rust, or due to damage resulting from unreasonable use, improper maintenance or care of the vehicle.

This warranty covers labor only and does not apply to parts, material or equipment which may be covered by manufacturer's warranty.

Collision Center Paint Warranty

Collision Center guarantees your paint against primer adhesion problems, peeling, blistering and wrinkling, loss of gloss or shine. What is not covered: chips, nicks, or any road damage, rust or corrosion. Lacquer checking is not covered unless paint is stripped.
Collision Center Auto Glass Warranty

Glass Replacements

Your auto glass is warranted against air and water leaks, defective materials and/or workmanship for as long as you own your vehicle. If rust is evident, we cannot warranty the installation. Extensive rust will require body work before glass replacement.

Windshield Repairs

If you are not satisfied with the chip repair, or the repair fails to stop the break, Collision Center will credit the cost of the chip repair towards a new windshield installed by Collision Center.

Other Glass Replacements

All glass replacements are guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle to be free of defective materials and/or workmanship. If you have any questions, problems or comments, please call us at 605-348-9377.


Paint Care Guidelines:

Care of Your Paint

The curing period is up to 90 days on your new paint. During this time you should try to keep the vehicle free of tree sap, bird droppings, or anything that may stain the paint. You may wash your vehicle immediately following repairs; however, it is recommended that you use a soft cloth or a brushless type car wash. During the curing period, do not use any wax. Droplets of water combined with bright sun can act like a magnifying glass to burn little spots in the paint, and should be removed with a soft cloth after a rain or washing.

Full Warranty Information

Upon receipt of payment in full for the works listed on the Repair Order Number referenced on the Warranty Registration, we will promptly repair any substandard or defective workmanship originally performed by us on your vehicle. Or we will repair any portion of it if our original workmanship is faulty and if you promptly notify us of these facts upon discovery. This warranty covers workmanship labor only, although many parts may also be covered under a specific parts manufacturer's warranty. This Limited Warranty is invalidated and void if any repair or replacement work, which affects our original repair work, is performed by anyone but us without our prior written approval. This Limited Warranty is made in lieu of any other express or implied warranties, and shall be in full force from the date noted on the Warranty Registration except for the exclusions noted below:

  • Defects resulting from misuse, negligence, lack of proper maintenance, subsequent damage or modifications.
  • Normal wear and element exposure.
  • Rust or rust repairs.
  • Defects, damages or deterioration caused by extreme environmental conditions.
  • Repair or replacement of tires, batteries, mechanical parts, wiper blades, oils, non-OEM parts, lubricants and air conditioning recharge, although these may have a warranty from the specified manufacturer.
  • Suspension alignments and related mechanical repairs will carry a 30-day warranty. This warranty is non-transferable to subsequent owners. Collision Center shall not be liable under this warranty for loss of use, loss of time, inconvenience, towing, rental or substitute transportation, lodging, or any other incidental or consequential damage. To obtain warranty service, please bring a copy of this Warranty Registration along with the repair order invoice to Collision Center or call us at 605-348-9377. This Limited Warranty constitutes the complete and only on-going agreement by and between Collision Center and the Customer and/or Owner unless modified in writing.